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United States H2B Work Visa

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What is the H2B Work Visa? The H2B Visa is a work visa for individuals that seek non-agricultural jobs, in which the U.S. workers are in short supply. There is a limit of 66,000 H2B visas issued every year, and the annual quota is not always reached.

H2B Visa Eligibility Requirements: You qualify for an H2B Work Visa if you are coming to the United States to accept a temporary or seasonal non-agricultural job from an U.S. employer. You may apply if you have the correct background, skills or natural abilities needed by the employer. H2B Visas are targeted at skilled and unskilled workers.

Other Work Visas:

  • H1B visa is available to college-educated professionals
  • Citizens of Australia may be eligible for the E-3 Treaty Professional Work Visa
  • Registered Nurses may work in the United States on an H1B Visa or TN Visa
  • TN NAFTA Work Visas are available only citizens of Canada and Mexico.






CLICK HERE to download the United States Work Visa (H2B) Application. Instructions and Application Forms Included.

The H2B Work Visa Application Guide:

  • H2B Work Visa overview
  • H2B Visa eligibility and requirements information
  • How to obtain a "Temporary Labor Certificate"
  • How to complete the application forms
  • H2B Visa Extension information
  • Applying for a Green Card from H2B Visa status
  • Document checklist
  • List of all USCIS (formerly INS) offices nationwide
  • List of United States embassies and consulates
  • FREE H2B Work Visa Application Forms


Work Visa  

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