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Green Card through Investment

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Green Cards through Investment (also called the Fifth Preference Green Card or EB-5) are available to anyone who invests a certain amount of money United States by creating a business or expanding one that already exists. The Green Card through investment is also called the EB-5 Investment Program and the Immigrant Investor Program. EB-5 stands for Employment-Based Immigration of the Fifth Preference. The EB-5 was created by the United States Congress in 1990 as a stimulus to the U.S. economy. The main goal of this investment visa program is to promote job creation and foreign capital investment in the U.S. Eligible investors may apply to receive a green card through this program. This type of immigrant visa is also referred as the EB-5 Employment Creation Immigrant Visa Category because one of the main goals and requirements is to create or preserve jobs in the United States.

Order this guide to learn about the process of completing a request for a Green Card through Investment. There are several immigration and investment requirements. The Green Card through Investment Information Package includes access to application instructions, filing procedures and all the required Green Card through Investment application forms.


Capital Required for a Green Card through Investment:
Investors who make an investment in a commercial enterprise in the US and plan to create ten full time jobs or preserves Permanent full time jobs, for qualified US workers, are eligible to apply for a green card through their investment. According to US immigration regulations and laws up to a limit of 10.000 of this type of green card investors may be authorized each fiscal year.  The intended immigrant must invest one million dollars ($1,000,000), or a reduced investment of at Least half million dollars ($500,000) in a "targeted employment area" of high unemployment or in a rural area.

Job Creation Requirements:
One of the main requirements to apply for the Investor Green Card is that the applicant's investment in a U.S. business will help to create or preserve full-time jobs for qualifying U.S. workers within a certain period from the time the investor entered the U.S. as immigrant investor. The job creation requirement can be fulfilled with direct jobs for employees of the enterprise where the investor has invested capital, or in certain cases the requirement may be fulfilled when the creation of indirect jobs generated collaterally as a result of the immigrant's investment, but only when the investment enterprise is affiliated with a regional center.

How to Apply for a Green Card Through Investment?
The Application for a Green Card or Lawful Permanent Residence through investment is a complex process involving multiple steps, this guide has been designated to help understand the process and to make the application process easier. There are several requirements, procedures, and forms to file.  You must submit support documentation to prove that you are eligible to apply for this Green Card. As you start you application you may have several questions about the application process for an investment based Green Card that can be answered when ordering this publication.






CLICK HERE to download the Investor Green Card Application. Instructions and Application Forms Included.

Download this information package to learn how to apply for the Green Card through investment, and to view the answer to several FAQs about the EB-5 Investment program for foreign investors.

  • Green Card Investment Information
  • Eligibility and Requirements for a EB-5 Investor Green Card
  • What is a Green Card? also known as a Lawful Permanent Resident Card of the United States
  • General Information to apply for a Green Card?
  • How to apply for a green card as entrepreneur investor?
  • Requirements to apply for a green card as an Immigrant Investor
  • Job creation requirements
  • Advantages of investing through a regional center?
  • Which family relatives are eligible to receive derivative green cards to come and live with me in the U.S.?
  • How to apply for the United States citizenship?
  • How to provide and prepare documentation with all support evidence and requirement?
  • Application process if the investor is in the United States
  • Application process if the investor is outside the United States
  • For how long will my green card be valid?
  • What type of forms to file? How to find helpful links to official forms and instructions?
  • What is a Green Card with conditions? how to remove the conditions on my green card?
  • What type of enterprises or business qualify to apply for a Green Card through investment?
  • Capital investment requirements. How much do I need to invest to be eligible to apply for the green card?
  • How to receive Work and Travel authorization
  • Do I need to be part owner of the company or business where I am investing? or I can be just an investor?
  • For how long can I travel outside of the U.S. and keep my permanent resident status valid? Information about the Reentry Permit.
  • For how many years do I need to keep my Green Card in order to apply for the United States citizenship?
  • How to remove the conditions on my green card?
  • How to fill out investor application forms
  • USCIS contact information
  • Contact information for United States embassies and consulates
  • For how long can I travel outside of the U.S. and keep my permanent resident status valid? Information about the Reentry Permit.
  • For how many years do I need to keep my Green Card in order to apply for the United States citizenship?


Green Card Investment  

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