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How to Obtain a Driver's License in the United States

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General Information: A driver license or state ID is a major form of identification in the United States. It is an official government-issued ID. In addition to operating a motor vehicle, a U.S. drivers license can be used as a form of identification for several other purposes such as cashing checks, opening bank accounts, traveling within the United States, and as proof of legal age to buy alcohol and tobacco. A State ID can be used as a form of identification, but not to operate a motor vehicle.

Unlike other countries, the United States federal government does not issue a national drivers licenses or identification card. Each of the 50 U.S. States issue their own drivers licenses and state IDs, and they can be used anywhere in the United States, Canada, and even abroad in certain countries.

Eligibility Requirements: There are generic requirements for obtaining a U.S. drivers license such as a written test, road test and vision test. However, each of the 50 U.S. states (and U.S. territories) have their own requirements and application procedures. There are also different procedures for first-time applications, out-of-state transfers and renewals. Certain states allow foreign licenses to be used a proof of an individual's ability to operate a motor vehicle, thus not requiring the individual to take the road test again. There are also different “classes” of licenses depending on what type of vehicle you wish to drive: cars, motorcycles, trucks or commercial vehicles. You can also transfer your out-of-state license to your new home state. This process differs from state to state, but in general you have to take the vision test and/or the written test excluding the driving test.






CLICK HERE to download the Drivers License Application Guide. Instructions and Application Forms Included.

The Driver's License Application Guide:

  • Identification requirements to obtain your first US drivers license
  • Requirements to transfer an out-of-country drivers license
  • Requirements to transfer an out-of-state drivers license
  • Drivers license renewal requirements
  • Specific application procedures for all 50 US States
  • Information about the written, vision and road tests
  • Information regarding proof of legal immigration status
  • Lists of primary and secondary forms for identification required
  • Explanation of the difference between driver’s licenses and state identification cards


U.S. Drivers License  

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