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United States Birth or Citizenship Certificate for Children Born Abroad or Born in the U.S.

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Who is born a U.S. Citizen? View the Answer to frequently asked questions about who is born a U.S. Citizen by birth, including children born abroad from American parents and children born in the U.S. from non-American parents.


The U.S. citizenship may be acquire in 2 different ways:


1. By birth in the United States territory

(According to the principle of jus soli)


2. Born abroad from American Parent(s)

(According to the principle of jus sanguinis)


There are many rules, exceptions and requirements that apply and should be taken into consideration, especially when children are born abroad.  It is important to know all the requirements for parents to pass their American citizenship to their children. The requirements are different when both parents are American or when only one parent is American. Also the requirements can change if the couple is married or not married. If you have questions about citizenship by birth, then this information package can help you have a better understanding and will give you answer to several frequently asked questions about birth certificates and citizenship by birth in general.


A birth certificate should include the name, age, date of birth, and place of birth of the American citizen, and it is an important document when applying for a U.S. passport. Birth Certificates are issued by each individual state where the person is born.


Children born abroad obtain a different type of birth certificate that may be requested through the U.S. embassy or consulate of the country where the child was born.


In this package you will find immigration and citizenship frequently asked questions and answers about people who may receive the U.S. Citizenship by birth. This information to help you understand clearly if you or your children were born American citizens and explanation of the requirements and different scenarios that may apply to you.






CLICK HERE to download then Information Package with Questions and Answers about the U.S. Birth Certificate. Including access to Application Forms and Instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Birth Certificates:

  • Who is born a U.S. citizen?
  • U.S. citizenship for the children of American parent(s) born outside of the U.S.
  • U.S. citizenship for children born abroad from married or unmarried U.S. parents
  • U.S. citizenship for children with only one American parent
  • Children born abroad from one American citizen and one alien parent obtain the citizenship automatically? Is there a U.S. physical presence requirement?
  • Can American grandparents pass their citizenship to children born abroad?
  • Children born in the U.S. from foreign parent(s)
  • How do I get proof of my American citizenship?
  • How to apply for a birth certificate for a child born in the U.S.
  • How to apply for a birth certificate for American children born abroad.
  • Can I apply for a passport for my American children born abroad?
  • If my child was born abroad and doesn't have an American passport yet, can I travel to the U.S. with a passport issued by another country?
  • Access immigration application forms and instructions.
  • Contact information for the USCIS offices in the U.S.
  • Contact information for United States embassies and consulates abroad


US Birth Certificate  

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