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The following U.S. Immigration Lawyers can answer your questions about U.S. immigration and related issues including:

  • U.S. Citizenship, Passport and Green Cards Questions

  • Immigrant and nonimmigrant U.S. Visa Questions and Immigration Forms

  • U.S. Education Questions, U.S. Jobs, Business & Finances

  • Human Resource on immigration compliance.

  • Immigration law practices and procedures and new issues arising in changes in the law or regulations

  • Additional Questions including Case Status, deportation, and Change of Address



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Waverley Madden, Esq.

Madden Law Firm P.C.

Philadelphia, PA

David G. Katona, Esq.
Katona & Mir LLP

New York, NY

Ms. Waverley Madden is the lawyer founder of Madden Law Firm P.C. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association and admitted to practice Law in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Specializes in Immigration, Bankruptcy, Entertainment, Business, and Family law. She is an attorney and a licensed Notary Public. Ms. Madden earned her law degree from Howard University School of Law, Washington D.C. in 2002. Graduated cum laude from McGill University School of Law in Montreal, Canada with a Bachelor of Social Work and a Minor in Women’s Studies In 1999. Earned a degree in Languages and Literature, cum laude, from Vanier College in Canada in 1996. In the past, worked as an immigration attorney at the law firm of Tom & Associates in Montreal, Canada. She has assisted individuals in sponsoring family relatives to immigrate to the US, advised clients about business and family immigration issues, obtained non-immigrant business and work visas for foreign employees. She can answer immigration questions about several cases, especially family-based sponsorships. She speaks English and French, and has Spanish speakers on her staff.
Mme Madden peut répondre vos questions sur l'Immigration américain en français.

David Katona has worked as a senior attorney in the Immigration Department at Hodgson Russ LLP, and as an associate immigration attorney at Bondy & Schloss LLP and at Susie Kim & Associates, PC.  Currently serves as a co-founding partner of the law firm Katona & Mir LLP and continues to practice exclusively in the area of immigration law; and also currently serves as an Of Counsel immigration consultant to law firms in New York City and Palo Alto, CA.  David Katona has represented businesses of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, and has worked extensively with individuals and businesses in the fields of IT, law, real estate, business, finance, education, health care, fashion, the performing arts, television/motion pictures, and sports.  Mr. Katona also has extensive experience defending clients in removal proceeding (deportation) and assisting individuals and families in petitioning for relatives, applying for U.S. citizenship, seeking waivers, etc.  He is an active member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) and the Immigration Committee of the NYC Bar Association. Serves as the Co-Chair of the Corporate Practice Committee of AILA's New York Chapter (2007/2008). Regularly conducts seminars and authors articles on various immigration related topics. He is able to counsel individuals in English, Spanish and Hungarian language.


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